Thirty-Five and Counting

Today is my birthday!  I’ve circled the sun 35 times and I’m still going.  I don’t feel different today.  Mostly because yesterday was only a few hours ago and it’s silly to think that passing any single moment in time will fundamentally change your physiology or mental acuity.  I actually feel stronger and smarter than I ever have in my life.  So here’s to another 35 years!

I was thinking, it might be fun to start an annual tradition on my birthday.  Maybe I could run 35 miles!  Laura shot that one down pretty quickly.  Probably because she knows I’m naive enough to try it.  My body is not quite trained up enough to handle that load at the moment.  Thirty-five kilometers, on the other hand, is much more doable.  That equates to 21.75 miles.  I’ve done 18 on my own for fun before, and today the temperature is certainly cool enough.  Maybe.  I still have some things to do today.  Weekdays are difficult to schedule 4 hours of running.  Maybe I could start this tradition this weekend.

I’m not sure why, but 35 does feel like some sort of milestone.  There must be some intrinsic value associated with that number.  Could it be that it’s halfway between 30 and 40?  Who knows?  Maybe it just feels like a nice benchmarking number.  Where do I want to be in 5 years on my 40th birthday?

Today does feel like a great day.  I ran my fastest 10k ever yesterday at 43:42.  At the moment I don’t have a project for Lullabot, so I am able to work on some personal work projects for a little while.  This is giving me a little freedom to travel today.  I’m going to head up to Boulder to visit Tricia and RL and stop off at Xeroshoes to see if I can get my sandals replaced, then hopefully watch the US beat Honduras and work into a more solid place in the World Cup Qualifying Hex.

Ultimately, it also seems silly to celebrate me today.  I just showed up here.  I didn’t really have anything to do with that.  My mom did all the work.  Maybe we should start celebrating our parents on our birthdays.  If it wasn’t for them, why would anyone make a fuss over us?