Run Every Day

A few months ago I tried to start a habit of waking up 2 hours early to meditate and write before starting my work day.  After various failed attempts of trying to accomplish these tasks after work, I thought flipping the order might create a more successful outcome.  I’d be in my own mind to start the day instead of immediately sacrificing my precious mental focus, and I’d be sure to accomplish something for myself.  The idea was sound…sort of.

The one thing I didn’t plan on was how tired I would be every morning, despite going to bed earlier.  I often dozed off during the meditation, or spent more time on breakfast than writing.  More often than not, I slept in.  I’m not naturally a morning person, so this wasn’t going to work.

A few weeks ago I had a revelation.  Since running is a mind-clearing activity for me, and the weather is getting warmer by the day, why not run in the morning instead of sit and meditate?  This one is working.

I don’t run every morning, but I’m working on it.  I still need to get up early to beat the heat and make my morning meetings, but I have more motivation to run.  It wakes me up.  It gets my heart pumping.  I need less coffee and I’m working my way toward my 1000 mile goal.  Plus, afternoons are no longer tied up with runs, so I have time to work on my own projects.

Running is like meditating for me.  It allows me to clear my mind and is where I often solve a lot of problems.  It grounds me.

I realize that once the weather starts to cool off again I’m going to need to rethink my plan.  Or, I’ll simply need to be comfortable running in the cold.  For now, this is working, and it feels great.