New Website, New Focus

The end of the month of races is drawing near. Ragnar is this weekend, and I am very excited to have this last responsibility behind me. With that, and my announcement to step away from DCCO organization, I’m am two steps closer to owning my own time again and working on my website.

I decided to ditch Drupal 8 as a platform and go with SquareSpace, despite spending the last 10 years of my career developing in Drupal. I don’t necessarily care about having complete control over the theme. In fact, I like that most of those decisions are made for me. A feature-ready site takes away a large burden as well. After months of almost being done, I realized I was making a big mistake combing three tasks into one when each task had a different priority in my life.

Learning Drupal 8 is important because for my career as a web developer, but I’m not finding the interest in it that I once did. Every single feature of the website must be implemented and maintained by hand, which is a large task for a single person. Learning the system with a team when required for work is one thing. Learning it on my own is another. Attempting to learn it while building a website for myself is frustrating.

I do enjoy creating simple front-ends for websites. There is a level of organization that speaks to me. The challenge of creating a simple yet informative and elegant theme to convey my message is one that excites me. I, however, am not necessarily very good at creating a design. I can copy pieces from other sites, but then I end up with a site that looks like pieces of other sites. This is more of a fun experiment for me to keep up with the front-end world as I am a back-end developer. Creating a theme for my own site is too much self-arguing and indecision. In short, a waste of time.

My true goal is a website for me. A blog where I can post essays on certain topics. A journal where I can keep family and friends updated on events in my life. Pages where I can share activities and passions. Where I can post things I’ve been writing and working on for decades that have since been relegated to a document on my hard drive. This is where I want to spend my time.

Each task deserves its own level of focus in its own time. Combining obligatory career-related research with fruitless self indulgence in order to produce a medium with which to cultivate my passions is recipe for indecision and distraction, not success.