Magic Shoes

Back from DrupalCon, back from the marathon, and looking forward to the race season ahead. We finally have our 8 runners finalized for Ragnar and I should be able to make some of the Evergreen Trail Race Series runs this year, which are always fun.

Now I need to deal with the overwhelming amount of sidework that has mounted on my plate. DrupalCamp Colorado is ramping up, my own website needs work, and something really needs to happen with the Accessibots. Laura and I have decided not to look for a new car right away, but to rely on just one for a while. Man I love working from home. Still, there are birthdays and races coming up, and a seemingly endless deluge of time sucking activities. I need to figure out where to draw the line.

I was excited to be done with the marathon so the training would no longer bogart large chunks of my schedule, but I still want and need to run. I’m thinking about swapping out what is supposed to be my morning meditation for a morning run. It wouldn’t really be swapping out as I’ve been working on bringing meditation into my running. It helped me with the marathon, why not daily life?

I’ve tried dedicating certain days of the week to certain tasks, and that didn’t work very well. Lately I’ve been focussing on one large task at a time, but nothing else is getting done. My next attempt is going to be to break all these things into smaller tasks and throw them into one list, then tackle the smaller tasks, one at a time, rotating through each topic. That and delegation.