99 Miles of Runs Left to Log

Run one down, keep pounding the ground, 98 miles of runs left to log!

I'm closing in on my 1000 Mile Challenge.  Last weekend I rolled over the 900 mile mark and I still have more than 4 months left to complete the challenge.  My current estimates have me crossing 1000 before daylight saving time ends on November 5.

When I started this challenge I thought running 20 miles per week would be rough.  That was much more than I was used to on a non-training schedule.  If you were to ask me today, I'd tell you I have a hard time not running 20 miles a week.  Most weeks I'm looking forward to hitting 20 before the weekend.  When I started this challenge it was February and I was training for a marathon.  Today, winter arrived early.  It's cold, snowy, and, one might say, not running weather, but I ran.

In addition to the 1000 Mile Challenge, I challenged myself to run every day in October as a part of my 30 Day Challenge series and I'm starting to see the impact.  Today is day 9.  I've run 8 days consecutively, starting with a 13.1 mile trail race on October 1.  Despite the cold and snow today, this wasn't the most difficult run.  To be completely honest, I was actually looking forward to getting out in the snow.  That's how I can tell that a challenge is already affecting me.  The question is, which challenge?

I developed a great relationship with running since I started the 1000 Mile Challenge.  There's not a lot that deters me from strapping on the shoes and hitting the streets or trails.  I've come to crave it, which is good as the weather is starting to turn.  In past winters I was training for a race.  I had a set schedule to keep and was running for a purpose.  This winter it's for me.  Will I still be motivated to run when the cold and snowy days last weeks at a time?

Running every day for 9 straight days has not been the easiest task, but it hasn't been very difficult either.  So far it is helping to reinforce myself as a priority.  The running is becoming a regular part of my schedule and my body is getting used to that daily behavior.  It's a good feeling.

My 30 Day Challenge will be done in less than a month, and my 1000 Mile Challenge likely done within that time as well.  That leaves the rest of a Colorado winter with no frivolous challenge to motivate me.  No race to train for.  No arbitrary goal to hit.  Just me running.

Sounds like fun.