Week 2 - Setbacks

The name of the game this week is setbacks. As with any type of schedule, when you build out a marathon training schedule you need to have some sort of contingency plan for those times that life throws a monkey wrench into the gears, and it will. That monkey wrench can come in the form of adverse weather, broken equipment, injury, or in my case, a head cold.

The weather took a cold downturn on Tuesday and as my day plodded along I noticed I was starting to feel a little stuffy in the sinuses and scratchy in the throat. I still made my 3 mile run, though.

The mornings were all rough, but by the afternoons I felt well enough to get out and run. I hoped the fresh air would help to clear some of the crap out of my system, and to some extent it did. Somehow I managed to get all my runs in this week and a hike today, despite a lingering cough that is somewhat reminiscent of a harbor seal, and a nose that may very well have run more miles than my legs.

I am fortunate that it wasn’t something more serious that hit me and that the weather played nice. The cold and wetness lasted for a day, but it quickly warmed up. The conditions really couldn’t have been better. So what happens the next time the weather doesn’t cooperate or I’m really laid up?

For my particular schedule I have two rest days built in, Mondays and Fridays. This week I moved my three-mile Thursday run to Friday and took my pace down a bit. This allowed me to get my nine-mile Saturday run in, just barely. I almost moved it to Sunday and skipped my cross training. Those rest days and cross training day provide me enough flexibility to work around most minor setbacks. Larger setbacks, such as injuries, will take some creative audibles.

The most important thing to consider when rearranging the schedule is overexertion. Don’t hurt yourself for the sake of staying on or making up for your schedule. If I were to get behind early in the game, I can take a few weeks to work my mileage back up and hopefully get back on track. Setbacks later in the schedule are harder to come back from as the distance runs are longer and there is less time to catch up and taper before the big day. At that point, depending on the severity, I would try reverting back a few weeks to see if I could hold up with that length of a distance run. If needed I would consider throwing out my goal time and focussing on what it would take just to finish, probably in some type of walk/run mode. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

So far the Colorado weather has been very considerate, but I know that it can’t hold out forever. I just need to make sure I have the right gear and I try my best to stay healthy and uninjured.

Training Miles to Date: 42.8

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She underwent a 5.5 hour surgery this week and so far the results are good. Please help them along with well wishes and share this as much as you can.