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Born on Long Island, New York, I now call Denver, Colorado home.  My family moved to the Rocky Mountains (by way of a Philadelphia suburb) when I was 9 years old.  I did most of my growing up here, and I was pretty good at it.  I followed the rules, by in large, and did what I was supposed to.  I earned top marks in school and went straight to college.  Text book, right?  Well, it turns out text books aren't everything.

I'm writing my own book now.  I find my passion in people, my peace in running, and pleasure in so many simple things, like a good beer, a guitar, or a soccer match.  I've made minimalism my lifestyle and I'm stepping up to live a meaningful, deliberate life.  My rules, my terms.

Today I live in southeast Denver with my wife, Laura, and two cats, Bailey and Gus.  I am enchanted with the Rocky Mountains, but I can't deny my love for learning about history and the multitude of cultures that form the world we know today.  I believe in people, not religion.  Culture, not race.  Education, not suppression.  This is my treatise.



Over the last few years, I discovered a love for running.  I don't need to register for races to motivate me to lace up and get out anymore, I do it because it makes me feel good.  This wasn't always my mantra.  It's all in my journal.  Give it a read, and if you're so motivated, follow me on Strava.

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